LOGODESIGN & ARTWORK for Lighting for Good

Design of a logo and a rating system for the sustainable brand Lighting for Good. Creating an artwork for a magazine publication.

LOGO & WEBDESIGN for Daniel Horn Photography

Creating Business Cards and building a responsive Website with filterable portfolio for the photographer Daniel Horn.


Web Design and Print Design for the audiobook platform audible.fr. Creation of print ads, cards, infographics, billboard ads, animated ads, digital ads and artworks for their own website.

LOGO & WEBDESIGN for Zuzu Birkhof Photography

Logo Design and creating a responsive Website for the photographer Zuzu Birkhof. Creation of marketing material like brochures, business cards, stamp and stickers. Logo Calligraphy by Sandra Schilling.

LOGO & WEBDESIGN for victorlovesvictoria

Logo & Web Design for the Wedding Pop Up Stores victorlovesvictoria. Creation of marketing material like postcards and stickers.

WEBDESIGN for grohlocations

Web Design Refresh and Programming for the location scouting and film service agency grohlocations.


Cover Design Artworks for various Audiobooks for Audible France.

LOGO & WEBDESIGN  for Kurowski PV

Logo design, Web Design & Programming with WordPress for a personnel services company.

COOK BOOK  for Luisakocht

Art Direction and Layout of the Neapolitan cook book for Luisakocht, 176 pages, Hardcover.


Logo Design, Art Direction and Layout of the monthly newspaper EssPress for Hilker. Logo-Illustration by Giovanni Amandini.

LOGO DESIGN  for Subsine

Logo Design for the DJ Team Subsine.

LOGO DESIGN  for Betty Myller

New Logo Design for production and communication services of Betty Myller Production.

CALENDAR for FrischeParadies

Layout and printing data processing of the FrischeParadies calendar 2014. Photography by Ben Fuchs.